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Kiállítóház és tanösvény

Horváth Béla

At the dawn of history, mankind and nature lived in harmony, even though that harmony may not have always been perfect. As technology progressed and civilisation reached higher and higher levels, the distance between mankind and its natural environment also grew. And yet, we in the 21st century must realise: even though we do not live in a natural environment any longer, our actions still significantly influence the environment, the biosphere, and even the weather and the climate – and, in turn, these effects will surely have repercussions on society and civilisation, both in the short and long run.
In the former member states of the Warsaw Pact – because of an emphasis on unreasonable industrialisation and other reasons – environmental awareness did not feature prominently in education. Western-European countries had realised decades earlier that environmental education should be given importance, but even there environmental awareness was not as much part of public conscience as it is today when the problems are being felt more and more.
We may not be able to achieve, just yet, that environmental education is given its proper place – the emphasis it deserves – within the national minimum curricula of the various countries. We may not be able to change the mentality of most adults. Yet we still want to act. We want to act so that our children inherit a cleaner and more liveable world... because we all want the best for our loved ones.
This desire to act was the driving force behind the shared initiative of the Körös Area Water Management Directorate and of the Municipal Government of the Commune of Érszalacs (Sălacea) to take the opportunity offered by the European Union and create two multifunctional centres that may contribute to serving the above problems. Our primary objective is to utilise the two centres implemented within the framework of the project for convincing, in the long run, both young and old, that it is still not too late to change. Mankind still has a chance to correct the mistakes and omissions of several centuries. The fact that this is a cross-border project only goes to show that, in order to achieve that goal, we need common intentions and common actions.
The website you are visiting is also a manifestation of our credo as explained above. We hope that all the information you find here on our activities and achievements will also convince you: it is possible to act – and therefore we must act – for a cleaner and more liveable future.

     Béla Horváth


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